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A key aspect of Gothies, and a common thread throughout all the Bazinga properties, will be the incorporation of music into the very fiber of the experience. Music will be interwoven into the NFT’s from Gothies to Joombies to the Gothielands. Music will form a primary aspect of the worldbuilding experience and will even contribute to combat effectiveness.
The following tracks are samples of some of the work from Bazinga Games’ world-class composer Rodrigo Favela. Each has its own feel, yet all of them intertwine to spin the fabric of Meedlan.

Gothie Meditation Music

This track is over an hour long, forms the basis for many of our podcasts and serves as the music used in the Gothies Mindful Moments and Gracious Gratitude sessions on the Discord server. This is used to unwind, relax or find a bit of time to work on your breathing and center yourself. It ties into the healthy mind and body initiative of Bazinga Games.

Gothies Theme

This is the main theme of Gothies. This will be heard on all major published works from podcasts to AMAs and team interviews.

Dinos, Aliens and Sprites

This short track illustrates the differences in music that you will encounter with the three families of Gothies. The clumsy Dinos, the futuristic Aliens and the harmonious sprites are well represented in this track.

Gothies Present

This is an extended track and works in many elements of the Gothies experience, including some conceptual work bringing other instruments into the musical ecosystem. This unique track will give context to what is possible in the world of Meedlan.


This short track is used for illustrative purposes of the beauty and wonder of the Gothielands. Massive lands that can move throughout the world, and have their own music to add to the world of Meedlan.

Gothies Fiends

This track is the darkest of the sampled tracks and represents the life of a fiend monster, which is no life at all, constantly looking for the afterlife, trapped, unable to even breathe in this underworld.
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