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Executive Summary

What are we – Bazinga Trade

Bazinga Trade is a collection of companies that source, manage and grow original IP into international brands that provide the world with truly unique entertainment.
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    Bazinga Trade is the parent company of Bazinga Games which, currently, is focused on digital and physical gaming. We use blockchain technology, including non-fungible tokens (NFT’s), to create immersive gaming experiences tied to our unique art, music, and storylines.
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    The first of three currently-planned IP domains is Gothies. Details:
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      Gothies Section of this document
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    All three properties were created by Maurice Kimball. We will be sourcing new intellectual property (IP) from outside sources starting in 2023.

What are we - Bazinga Games

Bazinga Games is a Playful Learning company. Our products blend together the best of digital art, music, storytelling, game design, game technology, web3 tokenomics, and advances in AI-enhanced human learning science, to create unique experiences where players can have fun, learn new skills, and earn by making playful experiences that others enjoy.
We believe that education for all people is the key to the future. We believe that good education at scale is possible when you have the right talent, technology and ethics. At Bazinga Games, we have them. We believe that playful learning can make education light years better - more engaging, more personal, and more effective.
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