Mega Paper
Gothies Story

The Legend

Poem for the Player to Start:
“Deep down below the hollow echoes of musty damp breath and misty song air Shattered wishing stones tossed beyond the black howling scare Lies the reaping sounds of clanking, jingles of tattered threads sewing filling sandbags of time Very little seen, very little showing Sowed seeds planted within a captive nativity shell Ready to be harvested the Gothies dwell”


Not all wishes are equal within the echoing sounds of a well.

Story Premise

A frail weathered-skinned “anciano” sits at a rustic wooden table, under a tattered fabric tarp. A raging cascade of razor-sharp raindrops beats the tin around him. The anciano, called El Ensueno, drifts into a daydream of deep thought to the percussion sounds of the tin.
El Ensueno inscribes in his Diario made of old parchment papers with worn shredded corners and pages soaked, bleeding of ink. With his cracked craggy hands he charts in Goth-style drawings his death tale:
"To cheat death is to cheat life itself. My story is best heard after tossing a wishing stone in the ‘Well of Ceiba’. And while you sleep that night you will dream of a tale of how I did just that."
"My words are not to prepare you for death but to prepare you for life. A Life in an endless loop of immortality. But this is a cautionary tale for your price of immortality risks being spent as a Fiend Monster, for there are no cheats without consequences."
"Those who have fallen down a well
are forever trapped within their own spell.
For death down a well
makes Fiend Monsters.
Who will song their lost
below shimmering waters?"
At the bottom of the ‘Well of Ceiba’ lies the harmonically imaginary Meedlan underworld of Shibal, Dois del Pozo (Shibal, God of the Well) whose duty is to guide these fallen Fiends to the afterlife or they shall forever be imprisoned in their torment. A constant feeling of drowning on their hollowed inhaled breath, never to exhale.
At the core of Meedlan grows the Alma Tree (Tree of Souls). Grains of tossed wishing stones from despaired hopefuls appear like motes ascending from the reflecting dark waters above, and are absorbed by a myriad of colorful humming seeds, hanging upward from its branches. Over the grains of time, these seeds eventually blossom into Gothies, the masons of dreams.
Gothies, with their spirited tone, delight in musical songs that can reap, sow and weave fabric wishes into cultivated lands and creatures that consume our dreams. They yearn to journey the branches of the Alma Tree to Gothielands, vast mysterious realms that make up the fabric underworld of Meedlan. By the means of giant walking land creatures, they trek in bridging the reflections of every existing Well of reality.
Your in-dream form in Gothielands is a Streya, whose very heartbeat rests within the Alma Tree. Streya possess and guide Gothies through treacherous mazes and secret tunnels that make up the roots of the Alma Tree. The more Gothies your Streya collects, the more powerful and majestic your dream creations become.
Heed those earlier words of El Ensueno, for this cautioning tale of cheating death holds consequences from those fallen through the reflective dark waters of a Well. Dios del Pozo struck a deal with the Gothies to shepherd these transient souls lost in Gothielands, and you must guide them to the afterlife. Those who have succeeded form wondrous music tones with others by soothing a Fiend Monster… but some have tried and failed. Why?
Fiend Monsters, with lost memories, are a dark cold breeze over the shattered waters, cracking like glass across the bearing, and will possess Gothies of their sinister tones - thus, turning them into Joombies, who turn unsuspecting dreams into the stuff of nightmares…
Gothies are the pastores of all intended wishes. But they can also be the possessed vehicles of your internal Fiend sleep.
El Ensueno writes his last log in the Diario
“If you heard my story you must ask yourself, have I been asleep, dreaming all this time? If so, wake up! Dreamers can get out but the dead must stay.”
El Ensueno walks to the ‘Well of Ceiba’ and freely tosses himself down the Well…
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