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Social Responsibility
At our core, and aligned with our Principals and Values, we are a socially responsible company committed to supporting highly-rated and recognized nonprofit organizations dedicated to creative solutions for improving mental health. Mental health continues to be a key focus and concern in the technology, entertainment and gaming industries, both for consumers and staff. We believe that mental health needs for the majority of the population are best served through self-awareness and self-responsibility closely paired with being an active part of a community with shared values and interests. We recognize that more complex mental health solutions and treatments must be provided through formal clinical settings with the oversight of licensed medical professionals. All mental health concerns must be addressed with a licensed clinical professional to determine best management. We aim to help as an adjunct community support to standard clinical best practices. As such, we keep these themes woven into our strategy while constructing and growing our own organizational and IP centric communities.
Our founding nonprofit partner, OSD, is strategically aligned with our social cause goals and vision. OSD (EIN 27-3842517) is an award-winning 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving the mental health needs of the veteran community. We will be providing direct monetary support as a percentage of sales as well as professional support to increase the reach and effectiveness of their programs and services.
Since 2010, OSD has been "Making Fun Where There is None" primarily through the flag-ship programs: Games to Grunts (the World's First and Only Verified Video Game Dispensary for Veterans) and Operation Supply Drop (the Original Gaming Care Package™). Through these programs and the 76 Operators community, over 3 million veterans and family members have been positively served. OSD serves veterans of the United States and Canada as well as NATO and ANZAC allies.
OSD believes strongly in a mindset that, "Veteran mental health is a serious issue, all solutions are not." This mindset sits on top of their values that include personal responsibility, accountability and awareness as well as being service-minded.
OSD has earned the Guidestar Platinum Rating, held by less than 0.1% of nonprofits nationally, and has received the “Top Rated NonProfit” award from GreatNonProfits for Seven Consecutive Years.
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