Mega Paper

Short Term (Q2/Q3 2022)

  • Create Bazinga Trade - IP Holding Company
  • Create Bazinga Games - Gaming Production Company
  • Mint ParkPass NFTs (June 18, 2022)
  • Mint Gothies NFTs (Early Q3)
  • Create Animated Trailer
  • Begin Sourcing Animated Series
  • Select Gaming and Animation Vendors
  • Start Gothies Game Design and Development
  • Start Gothies Mobile App Development
  • Start Gothies NFT Marketplace

Medium Term (Q4 2022- Q2 2023)

  • Mint GOTHIELand NFTs (Q3-Q4)
  • Start Wearable Integration Development
  • Deploy Gothies Mobile App Testing and 1st iteration
  • Continue Gothies Game Development and Release First Iteration
  • Start Token Development for ERC20 Tokens
  • Release 2nd Mints for Gothies and GOTHIELands
  • Establish Bazinga Merchandise - Physical Item Company
  • Establish Bazinga Technology - Proprietary Technology Commercialization

Long Term (Q3 2023+)

  • Create the SDK and API ecosystem that will form the basis of additional applications that can run on the Gothies platform, including real world uses and marketplace exchange of user created content
  • Release of Gothies Game Further Iterations
  • Release of Gothies Mobile Application Further Iterations
  • Create BAZINGA PARK to host events and gatherings
  • Release mechanism to allow players to make their own Gothies skins and sell them on the marketplace