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The Game
Gothies is a web3 adventure, survival, and world-building game that invites the player on a journey to unveil the mystery of the disappearance of your old friend Ensueño, a strange old man who some said could speak to the dead, last seen near the Well of Ceiba in a remote Central American village.
Use the clues left behind to become a Streya dream walker, and enter Meedlan, the legendary underworld of the dead in ancient Latin American myths. Find, hatch and recruit Gothies, shepherds of souls that can use music and song to guide Streyas through Meedlan’s Gothielands.
Lead your Gothies and sing into being powerful songs that change the lands. Build places for the dead and other sleepers to dwell, solve the puzzles left behind to uncover Ensueño´s fate, and survive the many dangerous trials that await those who walk the paths of Meedlan.
Gothies features adventure build-to-earn gameplay using an economy of $Timestones, fungible tokens you can trade within the game in exchange for NFT’s (Gothies, Gothielands, or even rarity modifiers [e.g. Gothie costumes, land structures, spirit tunes, etc.])). Gothies lets you earn $Timestones and NFT’s in six different play modes.
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    Following the Footsteps of Ensueño: Collect Gothie NFT’s and bring them into the game. Use their spirit tunes to follow and uncover the story of Ensueño’s disappearance. Solve music riddles and uncover the secrets of the Gothielands in search for clues to Ensueño’s fate, earning bounties of $Timestones or NFT’s as you go, as well as the pieces of the mythical loom of Ixchel!
  2. 2.
    Gothieland Creation Challenges and Gothiepoks: Visit the Gothielands, creatures made out of the fabric of the underworld upon whose backs dwell all of Meedlan’s denizens. Discover how some lands can even roam the vast regions of Meedlan, continuously changing its landscape. Combine your Gothies into ensembles and families to compose powerful musical tunes for them to sing and complete creation challenges that transform the size, attributes, nature and structures of a Gothieland to earn $Timestones and even NFT’s . Be careful: Gothies cannot simply sing forever, and each song will tire them out until you restore them by either waiting for them to rest, or using $Timestones to get Gothies snacks. Bring your Gothieland NFT’s into the game to modify their rarity and share with other players. Get your Gothies ensembles powerful enough and modify your land to add Gothiepoks, custom gameplay areas where you can earn $Timestones while others play.
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    Surviving the Dangers of Meedlan: The paths that Streya must follow to cross the Gothielands are wild, and the dreams of the dead can quickly turn into nightmares. Prepare to fend off monster fiends that can appear around any corner and turn your Gothies into Joombies (corrupted spirits that can twist your creations into abominations)! Use your Gothies to fight, restore your creations, and earn $Timestone loot.
  4. 4.
    Challenge other Streyas\in R.E.M. duels: Feeling lucky? Think you know how to combine Gothies into the most powerful ensembles? Like the rare Gothie another Streya has roaming their land? Challenge them to a R.E.M. duel where you can wager your $Timestones or NFTs against theirs! During these turn-based duels, each player uses their Gothies to mix powerful tunes they can sing, designed to wake the other player up! Use your own Gothies to defend against their tunes. Whoever has their sleep counter empty first loses the wager.
  5. 5.
    Learn and Craft NFTs in the Loom of Ixchel: If you have assembled this mythical artifact and placed it on your lands, you can use $Timestones to craft new spirit tunes and rarity modifiers to enhance your gameplay and earnings.
  6. 6.
    Trade and Rent NFTs in the Gothie Mercado: The Mercado is a wandering marketplace that roams the Gothielands of Meedlan, settling in different locations for a time before moving on. Gothies have an ability to always know where the Mercado is, and Streya that visit the Mercado can set up stalls to trade their NFT’s with other players. In the Mercado, Streya can also rent out copies of their Gothies in exchange for $Timestones, for those players eager to complete certain ensembles and use them for a limited amount of time.

Meedlan Basics

The Regions:

There are eight regions within Meedlan. The environment of each region is different, depending on its major theme. The first release within Gothies is the Region of Wonder.

The Well:

The Well of Ceiba is the way to achieve immortality. Still, there is a risk that the soul that enters this way will instead become a fiend monster unless shepherded to the afterlife by helpful Gothies.


The makers of dreams in the underworld. Gothies are spirits hatched from the seeds of the Tree of Souls (Alma Tree) and placed into sackcloth patchwork bodies filled with the sands of time, made in the mysterious Ironworks.

Gothie Families:

Each Gothie hatches with a unique costume showing the kind of objects its songs can create. Its costume consists of a mask, ornaments (e.g. tune pins), and a heart rune patch sewn to its body. These define the Gothie’s family. Gothies in the Dino family create dreams of lush, living things, while Sprite Gothies create dreams of wonder and magic. Alien Gothies sing new technologies into being, and so on. When Gothies of the same family get together, their runes glow brighter and their songs’ effect is amplified.

Gothie Heart Runes:

A long time ago, the god of the well, Shibal, struck a deal with the Gothies, giving them the heart rune patches that allow them to sing songs that can shape the Gothielands. In exchange, the Gothies promised to help him hold and shepherd the dead to the afterlife after their time in Meedlan. When a Gothie sings, its rune glows. A bright glowing rune signals a Gothie with a powerful song able to alter the world substantially, while a dim rune signals a spent Gothie that can only make minor changes unless recharged.

Gothie Songs (Spiritones):

Each Gothie hatches with a heart rune allowing it to sing a unique spiritone. When sung, the spiritone lets it weave the fabric of the underworld into dream objects and creatures, helping both the dead and dreamers dream, and keep their sanity in the underworld.


Dream creatures made of the fabric of the underworld that live on top of its moving continents. Each Gothieland has its own spiritone, which will shape the ways in which the resulting dreams manifest themselves.


The spirit body of a dreaming person. Streyas must all visit the well of Ceiba before they can go to the Gothielands to dream. Each person who possesses at least one NFT is a Streya in the Gothielands. The players in the game enter in a dreaming state, and are called Streya. You will collect Gothies, explore Meedlan and take in the wonders of the Gothies experience.

Assets as NFT’s:

Within the game, the players will mint and acquire Gothies, all of which will be NFT’s. Some players may also own land, and will be able to create their own experience on these lands. The lands are also NFT’s in the game.
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