Mega Paper

Overview of Meedlan, the Gothie Underworld

"Deep down below the hollow echoes of musty damp breath, and misty song air. Shattered, wishing stones tossed beyond the black and howling scare, Lie the reaping sounds of clanking, jingles of tattered threads sewing, filling sandbags of time. Very little seen, very little showing, Sowed seeds planted within a captive nativity shell, Ready for the harvest, the Gothies dwell…"


Come down to the Well of Ceiba, below whose dark waters lies the entrance to Meedlan, the underworld of the dead, and of those who visit them in dreams. At the center of Meedlan grows the enormous Alma Tree. The thousands of seeds that hang from its branches in time will hatch into Gothies, guides of souls who lead the dead through secret paths to their journey beyond.
Gothies is a game universe of exploration, creativity and the survival of dreams. Play as a Streya, a dreamer in Meedlan searching for something precious, now lost. Collect Gothies, follow them to the Gothielands, and use your Gothies’ spiritones to transform them into dreams that the dead can inhabit. Keep your dreams alive by trading Timestone with other Streyas or challenging them for new Gothie tunes and powers. Brave the wilds of Meedlan, fending off fiend monsters that can turn dreams into the stuff of nightmares, and uncover the secrets of the dead in the Gothie underworld…

Executive Summary

Gothies celebrates visual art, music, and storytelling. You will see this richness of thought and narrative in the details and execution of this project. We’ve built Gothies NFT’s as striking works of art with a deeply connected back story, unique haunting music, and with utility for future gameplay. With community interest and support, we are developing a Gothies game, and have started developing the gameplay and technical architecture.
We also are proud to introduce the concept of Play-AND-Earn. While the NFT gaming market is still in its infancy, there are best practices that are already becoming clear. Consumers are willing to trust a work-in-process only to a point; they demand proof of progress much earlier in the product life cycle. As holders learn more, the expectations on a project to perform and provide value earlier in its life cycle has increased. They now expect to see demonstrable utility at a reasonable cost.
Gothies is committed to lowering barriers to entry with Play-and-Earn and Sleep2Earn mechanics that will push the envelope and provide value in new ways.