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Percentages & Royalties


As with any project, Gothies NFT’s will change hands. As they do, a player’s desire for additional NFT’s and traits will vary. 7.5% of secondary sales of Gothies NFT’s will be collected as royalties. 10% of these royalties will be committed to the liquidity pool and locked for a minimum period of 12 months. Any additional royalties will be invested back into the development of additional games and to further the metaverse aspects of Bazinga Games projects.

ParkPass Royalties

We will contribute 10% of ParkPass sales back to community wallets (one for each tier, once that tier is sold out). The contribution is based entirely on the mint. The total amount invested will be allocated amongst the wallets in the following manner:
Percent Take
Returns on investment will be allocated in the same manner. Additional royalty opportunities exist with merchandising and technology. We anticipate a percentage of those royalty streams to go to our community as they are established.


Gothies Tokenomics

The $Timestone token allows for a sustainable design to the Gothies ecosystem. 230,000,000 $Timestone tokens will be minted with no further issuance thereafter. We aim to create a game that drives value, steadily creating value for $Timestones as we attract more players who will play, and earn and spend $Timestones. We plan to launch the $Timestone token in 2023, following the alpha test of the version 1 Gothies game. Initial liquidity will be provided by NFT sales with additional liquidity provided via subsequent waves of token sales.
The $Timestone token has multiple uses within the Gothies game. By creating an ecosystem where players will be rewarded for their in-game actions, we will create a sustainable and engaged in-game economy leading to increased user retention.

Token Utility

$Timestones will provide the core medium of exchange in the Gothies ecosystem.
  1. 1.
    In-game features (e.g. recharging depleted Gothies after in-game actions)
  2. 2.
    In-game currency (e.g. medium for buying/selling Gothies ecosystem NFT’s)
  3. 3.
    Rewarding players for actions that benefit the community (e.g completing missions)
  4. 4.
    Rewarding players for renting their Gothies NFT’s to other players (passive income potential)
  5. 5.
    Rewarding players for building in-game features that other players can use (passive income potential)

Gothie Mints

Total Mint
ParkPasses NFT
ParkPass (1,000)
All-Access ParkPass (300)
All-Access Diamond ParkPass (200)
Gothies Wonder Region NFT’s
Dino variants (~33.3%)
Alien variants (~33.3%)
Sprite variants (~33.3%)
Gothielands Wonder Region Land NFT’s
3,000 common
300 uncommon
30 rare
3 ultra rare
$Timestone Token
1 fungible token

Planned Token Distribution (est. 2023 Launch)

Play-to-Earn + Staking
2.5% per month after launch for 36 months. Then 2.0% per month for 5 months.
EcoSystem Fund
To be determined based on community feedback.
Seeding | Marketing | Promotion
To be determined based on marketing needs. Most of these tokens will be used by the team in the first 18 months of launch.
Game Market Liquidity Pool
Held in reserve to facilitate any liquidity needed within game markets for 24 months. Pending stability, released at 5%/month starting on month 25 into Play-to-Earn + Staking pool.
2.5% per month after launch for 36 months. Then 1.0% per month for 10 months.
Ongoing Game Development (Public Sale)
­­2.5% per month after launch for 36 months. Then 1.0% per month for 10 months.

The Bazinga Token

To allow liquidity between properties and also the external market, we will mint utility $Bazinga tokens. The total supply of this token will not be released with the Gothies property. However, supplies will be made available as the community grows and as additional Bazinga Games properties are released. While $Timestones can be sold and bought in the Gothies game marketplace (mercado), there will not initially be an external trade to $Bazinga tokens.
Once $Bazinga tokens are launched, Bazinga's marketplace will allow holders to sell tokens for $Bazinga and use that to convert to tokens on other properties. Additionally, players may sell their tokens in the Gothies mercado to other players for MATIC directly. The pricing set by the mercado for direct purchase from Bazinga Games, and the pricing for direct sale to Bazinga Games, will be competitive with players offering to buy/sell fungible tokens on the mercado.
Further details about the Bazinga Token will be announced as we move through Q4 2022.
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