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Personnel & Roles

Maurice Kimball - Creator of Gothies

Maurice is a creative leader across multiple entertainment industries from TV animations, film, theme parks, to AAA games on some of the world's most iconic properties. Currently, as a senior art director in the animation industry, he has delivered many successful and beloved properties.
During his career journey, Maurice co-founded and served as the Creative Director at Atomhawk Design, Vancouver Studio. Projects ranged from AAA games to world-advanced theme park entertainment. Prior to this, he was an Art Director at Atomic Cartoons and WildBrian on several popular animated series.
Before joining the animation industry, Maurice built a successful career in the game industry for more than 20 years. He was an Art Director and Lead Concept Artist on Activision/Blizzard’s PROTOTYPE, and he served as the Lead Environment Artist on Sleeping Dogs. Before transitioning from the gaming industry in 2013, he spent a few years working as a Studio Art Director at Microsoft Games Studio.

Colin Osburn – CEO Bazinga Trade

In a quickly-changing landscape of cryptocurrency and assets, where technology and finance collide, Colin’s experience as a technology executive and expert corporate strategist have highlighted a single core tenet that all successful projects share: transparency and trust.
Colin has worked in technology and startups since 1998. He’s currently on his 15th startup. He also directs corporate turnarounds for Private Equity as a Chief Information Officer.

Alejandro Games, Ph.D. - Game Studio and Product Head Bazinga Games

Alex Games is Vice President of Developer Education at Polygon, focusing on helping the developer community accelerate their acquisition of knowledge and skills for developing web3 technologies.
He is also Head of Game Design for Gothies, a web3 game project focused where players can build dream worlds using music and art in Meedlan, the underworld where the dead pass on their way beyond, and the living can visit in dreams.
For the last 20 years, Alex has been an engineer, scientist, game designer, and group product manager across academia and three major tech companies: Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Throughout this time, Alex has worked at the intersection of educational technology, game design, economics and human learning psychology to develop effective and scalable products. He is driven by a passion for helping people from all walks of life develop practical skills in science and technology that can help humanity build our future.
His work over the years has received support from the Macarthur Foundation, the National Academy of Education, and the National Science Foundation.
Titles he has worked on include Gamestar Mechanic, Project Spark, Double Fine’s Happy Action Theater, Kinect Sesame Street TV, Kinect Nat Geo TV, Kodu Gamelab Mars Edition, and MPathic VR.

Eric Anderson - CTO Bazinga Games

Eric developed a passion for programming at an early age, and as a child spent far too much time indoors, making games purely for the joy of it. Professionally, Eric started off as a network engineer/engine programmer/tools designer, working at such studios as Walt Disney Imagineering (ToonTown Online), Cyan Worlds (Uru: Ages Beyond Myst), and ArenaNet (Guild Wars). At these studios, Eric developed world-scale MMO infrastructures and a range of leading-edge game engine technologies. Eric also worked closely with game designers to develop new authoring tools to reduce the friction involved in creating high-quality, story-driven gameplay atop these complex engines. But he didn't want to stop there, Eric wanted the tools themselves to be delightful and playful, while remaining streamlined and efficient. And, he wanted to make them available to everyone. This led him to do some experimentation outside the scope of these proprietary engines.
Eric's approach to designing game-authoring tools led to an opportunity to join Microsoft Research and create the friendliest game engine ever made: Kodu Game Lab. Kodu enables anyone to create beautiful, modern, 3D games with no prior experience, using only an Xbox controller. Kodu was adopted by academic programs worldwide, and remains popular in schools and coding clubs today. After launching Kodu, Eric joined Microsoft Studios to build a Kodu-inspired AAA title called Project Spark. Spark was canceled soon after its release, and Eric moved on to work on a variety of things. He created a novel SDK for developing Mixed Reality apps in Node.js. He helped invent a new conversational AI platform: the Azure Bot Service. He even worked on a now-infamous chatbot that shall not be named.
Today, Eric develops Microsoft's learn-to-code product line, the "MakeCode" family of products, and consults with internal studios to find ways they can make their systems more accessible to aspiring coders and professional content creators alike.

Kelly Zmak – Gaming Industry Advisor

Gaming industry veteran Kelly Zmak has joined Bazinga Games as a gaming advisor for Gothies and additional in-development on-chain gaming properties. Kelly has held executive positions with numerous gaming giants, including Hasbro, Panasonic, Acclaim, and Activision, encompassing a Free-to-Play Publishing startup, large scale development studios, and everything in between. Over his career, he has been integral in shipping over 300 titles, generated billions of dollars in revenue, and has managed, mentored and been mentored himself by some of the best talent and visionaries in the industry.

Wayne Prentiss - Chief Economist Bazinga Games

Wayne’s path has been a mash-up of interests in human cultures, technology, and economics. His first computer was a Commodore 64 and, over the last 25 years, he’s had a series of roles in high tech using an unusual blend of interest/skills. He considers himself a camouflaged anthropologist, and loves to manage technical or learning products - bringing elements to improve the customer experience.

Rodrigo Favela - Music Director Bazinga Games

“Music is my life. It has been with me since I was born and will be with me when I go. I think in music; I dream in music. There is music all the time inside me - music that wants to be set free in the world. I cannot imagine a world without it. The moments when I write music are the moments when I find peace in a world that has none. Once I start, the process flows without much difficulty, because by the time I sit down to compose, I have already been working on the piece for a long time in my head. Composing music is not the work of a few hours, or of a day, it is something that the composer does all day, every day, even when you are doing other things. Music is my universe.” - Rodrigo Favela
Rodrigo is a classically trained composer and musician who specializes in orchestral music, chamber music, tango, Latin American instruments, as well as music for film, theater, and games. Trained in Mexico’s National Conservatory and several European schools of music, his tangos and Latin American compositions have been featured during Olympic Games routines and in international festivals, such as the Junger Künstler Bayreuth in Germany. Rodrigo’s original projects include music for the plays “Una Historia del Diablo” and “El Gato, El Tiempo y la Otredad”; the art films “Luciana” and “El Aire es Dulce Aquí”, and the Opera “The Little Prince”.

David Villegas - Head of Communications Bazinga Games

Dave is a 15 year software veteran and, currently, the lead innovation product manager specializing in pharmacy and omnichannel solutions for the largest healthcare company in the United States. He also has 15 years of financial management and advisory experience. He leads the d20Radio gaming podcast community and is a podcaster, voice artist and game designer in his spare time, where he has published multiple tabletop games, including “Everyone is John”, a role playing game on the bestseller list at Drive Thru RPG. Dave specializes in communication of corporate messaging, authoring of white papers and articulating value propositions across multiple industries and platforms.

Garth Penglase - W3 Marketing & Technology Bazinga Games

A background in economics and time in the finsec industry and sales, followed by the creation of software & IT networking/ISP companies, it culminated in a startup-focussed end-to-end web development and marketing company from 1995 to today. Clients have included Aldi, Schwarzkopf, Kone Elevators, Manpower, STM, The Whisky Club, and RhemaFM. Since 2017, there has been an increased focus on blockchain and Web3 projects.
Garth sees the Internet as a tool to build, educate, and even transform communities. He coalesces ideas into structures and processes, and enthusiastically helps bring systems and people together to achieve goals.

Glenn Banton, Sr. – Chief of Staff Bazinga Games

Glenn is a strategic growth executive with an uncanny knack for building products, communities and brands across numerous industries and specializations. His clients have included companies ranging from global entertainment brands to smart weapons innovators and video game developers to healthcare technology. Clients have included Northrop Grumman, Disney, BOSE, NIKE, Bank of America, AWS, Yahoo!, Dell, Intel, John Deere, Marvel, Samsung, and Toyota. Currently, Glenn advises and invests in consumer focused brands and community centric start-ups and is the executive director for an award-winning global veteran non-profit with roots in the gaming industry. Glenn is an avid reader and student of history and social sciences including behavioral psychology, behavioral economics and sociology.